Cat Sleep Guide

We know why you are here. Being a cat parent comes with a lot of questions. Their living habits might puzzle you at times. For the best part of the day, they will be dozing off, and as the night approaches, you will find them looking for a companion to hang out with. If your cat’s day-off mode makes you feel bored, don’t take it personally, because cats sleep a lot.

In this article, we will discuss cat sleeping patterns and some reasons why you may see changes in the same over time.

Cats love to sleep. They can sleep straight for 12-14 hrs a day.

Once they wake up, they are active and need constant attention. Some breeds of cats are moody and may prefer not to be disturbed while they enjoy being in their own company. Whereas some demand constant attention and cuddling. 

Cats are often active during the night. If it attempts to wake you up after you have hit bed already, there is a possibility that they need someone to play with, or are hungry, or may simply want you to be there with them. 

If you adopted your feline friend while it was a kitten, chances are it has adapted to your sleeping pattern, but might wake up at least twice during the night. There is a need that you take steps to rule out medical problems first. Make sure it is not suffering from any medical condition that is causing her discomfort. You may want to book an appointment with the vet and ensure there is nothing bothering your feline friend.

cat sleeping

Cat twitches in sleep

Cats look like a sweet curled up snowball when they are snoozing. You might also have noticed her little paws and whiskers twitching while sleeping. If cat twitching in sleep is bothering you, you need to know this is nothing to be worried about.

Cat twitching is likely associated with pet dreaming.

Yes, you read that right. Cats dream as well! And cat twitching during sleep is associated with REM Sleep, just like in humans. REM Sleep is a period during the sleep when you have vivid dreams. You move your eyeballs in all directions while the eyelids are closed and make little movements. 

The case is the same for your furry friend as well. While a human may enter dreams every 90 minutes or so, a cat may do it more frequently. It is perfectly normal for your cat to twitch during sleep. It is just that she’s acting our of what she is dreaming. 

Cat sleeps on you

You were fast asleep and in the middle of the night, you are awakened by your curly friend trying to cuddle on top of you. While you may find it strange and ask ”Why does my cat sleep on me”, this is perfectly normal for cats to do so. 

As already mentioned, cats love having a company during a night. They may want to sleep on top of you as they trust you. They find security and comfort when around you. This cat behaviour is mostly observed when Cats are attached to their human parents and love them. Your mutual trust, care and love are reasons which make her want to sleep on you when you are fast asleep.

So the next time you are thinking Why does my cat sleep on my legs, Why does my cat Sleep on my head, Why does my cat sleep between my legs, or Why does my cat sleep on my chest, think about these reasons and shower love and cuddles.

There might be several reasons behind that including the ones mentioned above. So these are some of the very interesting reasons that you should know to why your cat loves to sleep on you. 

Another common reason behind this could be that they just want to be warm just like they like catching the first ray of sunlight in the morning. More reasons could be that they find humans comfortable and cozy to sleep at night rather than their pillow or cat bed. One common reason that we could talk about is that they feel more secure around you and could sleep longer without any fear or danger. 

Affection could be one of the reason, as you return home back after a long day your cat just want to stay near you and want to be by your side when you go to bed. The possible scientific reason behind could be that your cat might find natural sound of your body soothing and help then fall asleep easily. One practical reason behind their sleeping on you could be that you do not move much in comparison to other members of your family and they feel more secure on top of you.

Now if you have this question in your mind that why does my cat sleep on my legs? Then you need to read the below information. Cats are unlike other pets. They behave differently to your care and affection. They purr, groom or rub their cheeks against your body. So, when it comes to sleep on your legs, the very first and most common reason is they feel secure.

They feel the most insecure while sleeping and that’s why they rely on you while sleeping. Another reason could be that they feel cosy while sleeping on your legs as they look for a warm and comfortable spot to sleep. Also, Sleeping on your legs is a sign of your good relations with your cat. It makes them happy and feels bonded which is good for their health as well. So we can say that sleeping your cat on your legs indicates that she feels relaxed, stress-free, loved and secure.

Cat biting you when you are asleep

The next concern which you may have is Why does my cat bite me when I’m Asleep? And Cat won’t let me sleep. So if you have read the above content carefully, you must have by now understood that cats are active during the night time.

When they wake up, the first thing they will do is look for you. And when they finally find you, they will do every possible trick to wake you up and serve them food or play with them. They’ll lick your hands, move from your feet to the head and when you don’t react, they may bite you as well. It isn’t like they are going to dine on you, it is just out of love. 

Kittens may bite you as their teeth are emerging. When teeth emerge out, they feel itching in the gums. It might be possible that your kitten is also biting you for the same. If a well-grown cat is doing this, you need to train her not to do that again.

If there is something else, and she doesn’t tend to stop the same, you would need consultation from a vet. 

Cat sleeping too much

Cats belong to the family which prefers hunting in the night. Like the Tigers, Jaguars, and more. Cat family can spend more than half of their life sleeping. They usually sleep for 12-14 hours a day. Cats sleep for long hours to recharge for the next day or hunting spree.

You must have heard of lions and tigers sleeping for more than over 16 hours a day. Although the structure and size do make a difference, the genetic programming of all of them is almost the same. Just like the big cats, your feline friend conserves energy in case they would need it to hunt down their next meal, which they will do, no matter what you have on offer for them.

This sleeping pattern of cats is completely natural and needs not to be worried about. Some domesticated cats can adapt to a sleeping routine as yours but that is the rarest of cases. If you still think you need to get a consultation with the vet, do it. As you know your pet more than any other and the vet can certainly assure you after carefully examining your feline friend. 

So the next time you notice your cat sleeping, give her a good cuddle and enjoy the love and compassion.

cat sleeping guide

How to put a cat to sleep yourself?

If you are tired of telling people my cat won’t let me sleep, its time you do something about it. If her routine is not allowing you to take a nap peacefully, there are some steps you can take to amend that. 

If you want that your cat doesn’t wake you up in the night, you need to make sure she doesn’t sleep in the evening. To ensure she is feeling tired by the time you are sleeping, here are some things you can do.

Here are some tips to get your cat to sleep at night:

  • Schedule a few play sessions with your cat during the evening. Try using some toys that can mimic the movement of birds and insects. Play with your friend, until you feel she is tired enough to sleep. 
  • Give your cat food at a time when you are going for bedtime. Cats tend to sleep after a meal just like we do after eating rice or a heavy meal. The cat will most probably sleep after having her feed. 
  • You can also use timed feeders for use at night. They will dispense feed on its own when its time. This will prevent your cat from waking you up for food during the night time.
  • You can try different activities to keep your cat active during the day. The more it is active during the day, the more are the chances that you will be able to sleep at night. 

You can also consider adding a friend to your cat. If you can afford taking care of another cat, you can get your cat a friend. This way you’ll make sure she is occupied and busy with her companion. You may have to witness some catfights, but as they get familiar with each other, you will find them cuddling together peacefully.

cat playing

Cat sleeping at the foot of the bed

There can be many reasons why your cat likes to sleep at the foot of the bed. First, they like to keep tabs on the room they are in. Animals like cats, tend to be very protective when it comes to their territory. And usually, in homes, the foot of thebed is closer to the entrance of the room. So, sleeping there means you can easily keep an eye on who’s coming in and going out of the room.

Also, it is easier to get out of the place with fewer obstacles in the way. Second, some cats are not that friendly and cuddly as others. When they are sleeping, they don’t want to be disturbed. As you toss and turn at night on your bed, your upper body will tend to take up more space than the lower one. Moving and rearranging of the blankets usually happens on the upper side of the bed, so it’s natural for them to move down towards the foot of the bed. Of course, your cat also needs comfort.

Another reason why she is doing so is they are territorial. Once they like a place, they’ll make it their own and claim full ownership of it. They don’t like being disturbed and moved from the place. It is likely that if she likes a place naturally, she’ll stick to it. In this case, she has decided not to leave the place. If you can get something really cosy and spacious that what she has at present, she might think of moving away. 

The final word

Your cats are your best friend. They will be there when you need company. They will be the curtest of creatures to shower your love upon. They will be there when you need cuddles. They will be together on every occasion without expecting anything. Make sure you care for them in the best way possible. 

You can refer to the information shared above if you need any help with their sleeping behaviour. We hope you liked this article.

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