The Best Water for Cats

Whether you’re new to cat ownership and you’re showing perplexion, or have always had cats, this guide is for you. We’re here to help you choose what’s best for your cat to live a healthy life. 

Maybe you thought all water is the same, but for your furry friend, it’s quite the opposite. Cats are vulnerable and picky creatures. The type of water they drink differs in its effect on their health

We’re taking you through this guide so you can see the pros and cons of each type yourself.

Cat Drinking Water

Tap Water

That’s generally the most rejected water for cats now. Contaminations caused by aging pipes, germs, and the chlorine added to kill bacteria could prove extremely harmful to your cat. 

However, that depends on where you live as some countries and cities have really clean tap water.

Many people opt for bottled water instead. But is it any good either?

Bottled Water

Bottled water has many advantages over tap water. For example, it’s purified of most of the contaminations and bacteria found in tap water. 

But being more expensive isn’t its only disadvantage.

Bottled waters, due to their plastic bottling, could also be toxic to your cat as the plastic produces unhealthy chemicals and bacteria. 

Filtered Water

It’s the best of both worlds; a compromise between tap and filtered water. 

It’s easy to accommodate; a simple filter attached to your faucet or attached to your refrigerator’s dispenser will do. Or if you prefer, you could get a pitcher and fill it.

Filters remove most impurities from water, including minerals and debris. It’s also much cheaper than bottled water. 

Filtered water then make a much better choice of water for your cat than tap or bottled water

Cat Showing Tongue

Other Tips

There’s much more to water than just what type it is. To help you keep your cat safe and healthy, we give you these tips to consider.

Avoid Bowls

Plastic bowls cast the same issues as bottled water. You don’t want to avoid using bottled water to put your cat to the same dangers of plastic by using plastic bowls. 

A good alternative would be ceramic bowls as they are closer in price to plastic ones and last longer.

Use a Water Fountain

Cats love running water and are more likely to drink more water if it’s running. That’s especially important if your cat has kidney failure. It’s a very good replacement for plastic bowls. 

Close the Toilet Seat

Cats are likely to wander around the house drinking from whatever place they want. So take extra caution to make sure they don’t drink from the toilet water or the dirty water in the sink. 


Hopefully, we’ve helped you sort out the disadvantages and advantages of each type of water for your cat. By following this guide, you can take better care of your cat. 

Tap water could be great if your city has clean tap water. If not, you could replace it with either bottled or filtered water. You now know all the advantages and disadvantages of those three. 

With this information, you can make an informed choice.

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